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Water intrusion causes mold growth

The intrusion of water into your home or business may result in mold growth. Water intrusions can be caused by storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, lon... READ MORE

Mold removal

Mold can spread extremely quickly; in as little as 48 hours it can become a problem in your home or business. Although every mold damage scenario differs, the g... READ MORE

Mold within walls

Where there is water damage there is a chance for mold.Moisture leaks in this addition caused mold to grow until there was finally visible signs of a water issu... READ MORE

Mold under carpet

Over time, moisture from the sliding door caused mold to grow under the carpet and pad.We removed the affected pad and tack strip and properly disposed of them ... READ MORE

Flooded basement

Being prepared to act quickly can be critical to staying safe during a weather event. Many businesses affected by major disasters never reopen—especially ... READ MORE

Broken pipes

Sub-zero temperatures and a malfunctioning security monitoring system lead to broken pipes and  this large commercial loss. Multiple floors were affec... READ MORE

Summer storm

A summer storm produced heavy rain that caused the gutters on this home to become engulfed in water. The persistent storm lead to rain water backing up under th... READ MORE

Residential mold remediation

Mold was found on this residential property and needed to be professionally removed. In the after picture you can see that we went in and restored the base... READ MORE

Mushrooms are a form of mold

There are several types of mold and it can appear in many forms-- and it can grow anywhere as this picture proves.  An unknown leak from this toilet lead t... READ MORE

Water damage at store

Undetected water can cause a great deal of damage to a building structure and contents.   Every minute matters, because every minute the property remains w... READ MORE